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July 23, 2009.

Posted on 23 July 2009  

Paleontologists reported about a unique find lifted up from the bottom of the North Sea Paleontologists reported about a unique find – a...

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Issyk Kul Lake (Kyrgyzstan)

Posted on 23 July 2009   |  Photo album of the Issyk Kul Lake

In Kyrgyzstan there are 2 thousand above the clouds lakes, one of which – Issyk Kul – is a unique place on the planet that is famous...

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July 17, 2009.

Posted on 17 July 2009  

In Noginsk district a unique underground monastery is dug out… Near Avdotyino village unique temple caverns are located. Two years ago...

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July 15, 2009. Moscow.

Posted on 15 July 2009  

July 15, 2009. Moscow. Near Mozhaisk archeologists excavated Godunov’s Palace. Small fragments of the walls and a shallow moat is...

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July 13, 2009. New York, USA

Posted on 14 July 2009  

The Turin Shroud — a medieval Christian relic — was made by Leonardo da Vinci, according to American scientists. Leonardo da Vinci...

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