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Royal Palace in Stockholm

Posted on 12 August 2010  

The Royal Palace in Stockholm is one of the largest palaces in the world. As for the quantity of its rooms and other facilities (and there...

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Drottningholm Palace. Sweden

Posted on 11 August 2010  

This palace is often called Versailles in miniature. It served as a summer residence of the Royal family. Since 1981, the Royal family has...

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Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev

Posted on 6 August 2010   |  Photo album, I and the people in my life

Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, former president of the USSR, Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev Just recently, one more unique piece was added...

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Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine the Great

Posted on 5 August 2010   |  Photoalbum: Numismatic Collection

Not so long ago, my collection of artifacts was supplemented with a Roman coin dating back to the 4th century with an image of Saint...

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