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Posted on 29 October 2012   |  Photoalbum: of the Melbourne

After we examined the Blue MountainsNational Park, we headed for the capital of Australia – the city of Canberra. Having spent the night...

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Blue Mountains National Park

Posted on 26 October 2012   |  Photoalbum Blue Mountains National Park

On the way from Sydney to Canberra, slightly off the central highway, the Australian Blue Mountains National Park is located. In spring,...

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Chef Manu Feildel

Posted on 25 October 2012   |  Photo album, I and the people in my life

For those gourmets who travel in Australia, another attraction of Sydney would be the restaurant of French cuisine L′ETOILE. The...

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Cathedral of Saint Mary in Sydney

Posted on 23 October 2012   |  Photoalbum Sydney and photoalbum: I and the people in my life

The largest city of Australia, Sydney, was founded in 1788 as a penitent colony for the exiled criminals from the British islands. Among...

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Posted on 22 October 2012   |  Photo album of Sydney

The next stop of our journey in Australia was the city of Sydney. Sydney is one of the largest cities of Australia, the capital of New...

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