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April 19—28, 2012. Trip to Uzbekistan.

Posted on 18 April 2012  

Uzbekistan Trip to Uzbekistan from April 19 to April 28 of 2012. Getting acquainted with the cities of the Great Silk Road – Tashkent,...

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Pori (Finland)

Posted on 16 April 2012   |  Photoalbum Pori | Photoalbum of the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia of the Baltic Sea

Pori is a city in south-west Finland, which is located on the estuary of the Kokemäenjoki river 10 kilometers from the coast of the Gulf...

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Aleksanterin Church in Tampere (Finland)

Posted on 15 April 2012   |  Photoalbum: of the Tampere

Aleksanterin Church — is a Lutheran church in the city of Tampere. The height of the church is 57.5 meters, the length – 60 meters....

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NäsinneulaTower (Tampere, Finland)

Posted on 13 April 2012   |  Photoalbum: of the Tampere

The observation tower Näsinneula 168 meters tall is located on the shore of Lake Näsinjärvi, approximately 15 minutes walk away from...

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Tampere Cathedral (Finland)

Posted on 12 April 2012   |  Photo album: Tampere Cathedral (Finland)

The competition for the design of “a new Evangelical church in Tampere” was announced on November 7 of 1899; the deadline for the...

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