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(Русский) Самарканд (Узбекистан)

Posted on 24 May 2012  

Самарканд – один из древнейших городов Востока, столица цветущей...

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(Русский) Бухара(Узбекистан)

Posted on 15 May 2012  

Бухара – один из древнейших городов мира. Ее прошлое богато важными...

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Khiva (Uzbekistan)

Posted on 12 May 2012   |  Photoalbum of Khiva

Khiva and Khwarezm region is an ancient oasis of culture in the north of Uzbekistan. The place of Khiva’s architectural heritage in the...

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Great Silk Road

Posted on 9 May 2012   |  Photo albums on Uzbekistan

My journey to the country of the Great Silk Road – Uzbekistan, has finally come to an end. I made my trip at the end of April, 2012, with...

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