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Travelling in Spain. Camino Tui─Santiago de Compostela. Part two

Posted on 18 October 2015   |  Photo album: Pontevedra, Camino Tui─Santiago de Compostela

The morning of the second day happened to be cool and misty. Morning mists are not rare here. Proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, and a rather...

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Travelling in Spain. Camino Tui-Santiago de Compostela. Part one

Posted on 11 October 2015   |  Photo album: Valenka (Portugal), Camino Tui-Santiago de Compostela, Soutomaior Castle, I and the people in my life

Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela grants, “ the lack of vices, the mortification of the body, the increase of virtues, pardon for...

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October 02, 2015. Jerusalem, Custody of the Holy Land

Posted on 7 October 2015  

For the support of the missionary movement and pilgrimages in the Holy Land, on October 1 of 2015, the Custodian of the Holy Land...

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