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June 18-20, 2009. Vyborg

A trip to Vyborg and maybe also to the Ladoga Lake

Vyborg (Finnish Viipuri, Swedish Viborg, German Wiborg) – since 1403 acquired the status of a city, the administrative center of a district in Leningrad Region.

The population as of 2009 is 77,766 people. The second most populated (after Gatchina) city in Leningrad Region.

It is situated on the coast of the Gulf of Finland 122 km north-west of Saint Petersburg.

It is a big economical, industrial and cultural center of Leningrad Region, a big sea port in the Baltics, an important trade port in the Baltics, a major crossing of highways and railways, a unique tourist’s center. It is included in the Russia’s Historical Cities List. Among places of note are the Vyborg Castle, the Library of Alvar Aalto, and the Monrepos National Park. Altogether there are around 305 different monuments: architectural, historical, sculptural, archeological ones and those of park and garden art.

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