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July 2, 2010. A trip to Smolensk

On July 2-5, 2010, I and my friend Alexander Ishutin are going to undertake a journey around the Smolensk Region. During our traveling we will view a monument of Russian fortified architecture of XV century – Smolensk’s Fortress Wall; we will visit the recently remodeled Dormition Cathedral as well as monuments of old Russian architecture and civil engineering dating back to XII century – the Peter & Paul Church, the Church of John the Evangelist, the Church of Archangel Michael.

On the territory of the Smolensk Region there is the National Smolensk Lake Area Park, which received its name after 35 lakes that formed in the glacier period. Several lakes such as Sapsho and Chistick have been examined by us, but there are some that we have not seen yet. This time we will try to see and examine several more lakes.

My web-site contains a lot of information about the Smolensk region published in the Articles Section: posted on December 14 of 2008, February 13, March 15, and April 3 of 2009, as well as February 1 of 2010.

All the interesting and informative things we will see I will photograph and try to tell you in details.

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