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Possible Site of Christ’s Trial Was Found in Israel

Possible Site of Christ's Trial

Possible Site of Christ’s Trial

According to scientists’ guess, the construction they discovered was the palace of Herod Antipas. It is pointed out that archeologists have been carrying out excavations in this area for 15 years already, thoroughly studying the territory around the museum that is known as the Tower of David.

According to Shimon Gibson – professor of Archeology at the University of North Carolina, it was in Herod’s palace where Jesus was actually tried. To prove his point he refers to the Gospels that say that the trial of Christ was taking place near a gate on a bumpy stone pavement. These details correspond with the previous archeological findings near the Tower of David, professor said.

Nevertheless, these are only speculations, since there are several versions concerning the place where the trial of Jesus was held; according to one of them, Christ was tried on the territory of the military barracks.; ARCHEOLOGY. NEWS OF THE WORLD OF ARCHEOLOGY.

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