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Shining Altai. Mountains. People. Adventures, a book by V. A. Ryzhkov

Author of the book Shining Altai V. A. Ryzhkov

Author of the book Shining Altai V. A. Ryzhkov

In the fall of 2017, publishing House Ripol Classic in Moscow launched a book by Vladimir Alexandrovich Ryzhkov Shining Altai. Mountains. People. Adventures.

The book is addressed to all, who love Siberia, who have a liking for travels and adventures, and, first of all, this book is addressed to those who love Altai — those who have already been to Altai, and who just plan to visit these amazing places of pristine nature, full of riddles and mysteries.

The book is written in a lively, capturing language. It contains many photographs and drawings made by the author. In the book the author admires his little homeland, its history and culture, and shares his feelings and vast experience, gained while travelling in Altai.

I had a great privilege to talk to the author of the book, and to receive his autograph.

V. A. Ryzhkov's book Shining Altai with the author's autograph

V. A. Ryzhkov’s book Shining Altai with the author’s autograph

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