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Necklace Crosses

«Collection of necklace crosses and artifacts»
The Cross (Crucifix)— is an image of Christ’s crucifixion, which is three dimensional, as a rule, or in low relief. The image of the cross, on which Jesus Christ was crucified, is the basic symbol of Christian religion.

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«Collection of Christian iconic paintings»
Icon (from Greek eikon – picture, image), ), in broader sense in Christian religion (in East Orthodox and Catholic Churches) it is an image of Jesus Christ, Holy Virgin, saints, scenes from the Holy Scriptures – the ones that the church attributes sacred significance to; in narrower sense, it is a work of a special kind of medieval art – iconic painting that has some religious value.

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Numismatic Collection

«Numismatic Collection»
Numismatics (from Latin nomisma, ancient Greek νόμισμα meaning “coin”) , — is an auxiliary science of history that deals with the history of coinage and currency circulation. Numismatics as a science should be distinguished from numismatic collection, or collection of coins.

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Яндекс.Метрика Индекс цитирования