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I travel a lot and after each trip I try to keep for myself a little piece of an experienced impression. How good it is that people invented cameras!

I never stop marveling at the world which surrounds us. On top of it I also like history, geography, sociology, and psychology. For there is nothing more interesting than learning the unknown and discovering the unexplored.

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Palaces of the Hasmoneans and King Herod in Jericho (Israel, Palestine). Part One.

Posted on 19 April 2016   |  Photoalbum: Palaces of the Hasmoneans and King Herod in Jericho

In the beginning of 2016, while travelling in Israel and Palestinian autonomy,...

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Ancient seals discovered bearing female and male names

Posted on 7 March 2016  

In Jerusalem ancient seals have been discovered bearing female and male...

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Archaeologists of Russian Academy of Sciences found complete list of murderers of Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky

Posted on 4 February 2016  

Archaeologists and epigraphers from HSE and RAS made an amazing discovery...

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Alexander the Great (of Macedon)

Posted on 14 January 2016  

Alexander the Great (of Macedon) was a great military leader, the greatest...

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House is discovered in Nazareth, where Jesus Christ lived

Posted on 23 December 2015  

The archaeologists are almost certain that the ruins uncovered in Nazareth...

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Travelling in Spain. Camino Tui─Santiago de Compostela. Part four

Posted on 8 November 2015   |  Photo albums: Padron, Camino Tui-Santiago de Compostela, Finisterre

Fortunately, our cupbearer Andrei who dropped out from our team, was up and...

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