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Travelling in Jordan: Desert Castles of Jordan. Part seven

Posted on 5 April 2015   |  Photo album: Qasr al-Kharanah Castle, Qusayr Amra Castle, Qasr al-Azraq Castle

We decided to devote one of our days in Jordan to the acquaintance with the desert castles, or, as they are more often called, caliphs’...

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Alnwick Castle (England)

Posted on 13 February 2013   |  Photo album of Alnwick Castle

Not far from the southern border of Scotland, in Northumberland County in the north of England there is the Castle of Alnwick – the main...

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Herodion Fortress (Israel)

Posted on 16 January 2012  

All those who are truly interested in the history related to Biblical events, will be amused to visit a historic site near Jerusalem in...

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Turku Castle (Finland)

Posted on 25 June 2011   |  Photo album of Turku

TurkuCastle, Castle Abo (Swedish –  Åbo slott, Finnish Turun linna) — is a Swedish castle in Turku which gained most of its modern...

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Posted on 26 April 2011   |  Photo Album of the Riga

The Riga Castle was constructed in 1330, as residence of Master of the Livonian Order. Originally, it was a fortified construction with a...

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